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Over on another forum, we were discussing kayak camping which got me thinking about the next subject near and dear to my heart, food. Although eating a gourmet meal under the stars sounds wonderfully romantic, the reality is, after a full day of kayaking, the last thing I want to do is prepare an elaborate meal with lots of prep and clean-up... or even worse... stir hot water into a packet of unknown bits of colored cardboard (aka store-bought dehydrated "meals") and call it dinner. Although weight and space are clearly issues with kayak camping, we have the luxury of a bit more space and weight allowance than backpackers. And in my mind that means a chance for better meals!

From time to time, I'll post some tips that, hopefully, will help make your kayak camping meals into easy, pleasurable and satisfying experiences. One caveat.. these tips are geared for the weekend or weeklong kayak trip in reasonably temperate climate. Extreme weather conditions or long expeditions are a whole 'nother "kettle of fish."

Post Date: 10/4/2010

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