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Paddling the world one stroke at a time


How-to Kayak Instructional Videos

Are you a novice kayaker or haven't been kayaking yet? Maybe you are at the intermediate level and looking to improve your kayaking skills. Keep in-mind that there are two types of kayak; sit-on-top kayaks that are meant for family recreational kayaking on calm lakes and bays while sit-in or enclosed kayaks are for rough water ocean and river kayaking.

Building a Kayak in 9 Minutes

Get Your Kids Kayak Fishing

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How to Not Capsize Your Kayak

Learn how to keep from tipping over in a kayak using high and low bracing techniques for balance.

How to Pack a Kayak

How-to Carve Giant Pumpkin - Regatta, Cooperstown, NY

Kayak Fishing Tips: Rick's Kayak Mods

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